Julius Little


Julius is a lot of things—a Jack of Many Trades, one might say. None of which have immediate value in contemporary society, however. A thinker, an artist, and a half-hearted activist, Julius is always trying to stir the minds of his peers in attempts to ‘wake them up’ from a mundane, zombified existence and into the REAL reality.

So far, no good.

Brian Carver


This dude…THIS DUDE! Friends with Julius since 6th grade, Brian has been the unlikely voice of reason whenever ‘Jay’ (as he calls him) breaks out into a fruitless diatribe of backpackery and EBP-isms concerning [usually] the media. Brian wants to be a DJ one day, but he also has hoop dreams. He’s the starting SG for the Lincoln High Basketball team, and therefore garners a lot of attention from the team groupies. He thinks he’s a player, but there’s always one girl to knock his head out of the clouds…

Angela Pitman


‘High ambition’ is probably the best phrase to describe Angela. She looks to major in Journalism once she gets to college, but before getting ahead of herself, she has become Co-Editor of the Lincoln High Tide newspaper, a consistently-placing 400m runner on the school Track team, and a volunteer at the PoeTree open-mic venue in the local area. There’s no doubt she’s going places, but that’s not to discount where she’s from.

Dante Black


Dante and Angela live on the same block; however, they don’t know each other. That’s primarily by Angela’s preference, but Dante isn’t really concerned with “broads” anyway. He’s all about the streets, its music, and making dollars out of sense. He’s definitely not a thug, but he can get you in OR out of trouble, depending on how you know him.

Dennis Nadel


Dennis doesn’t know the definition of ‘trouble’. A guy couldn’t ask for a better permanent record, and he’s sure to hit the Ivy League come graduation. He serves as Co-Editor with Angela in the High Tide newsroom, and does his part to make sure everything is always in order…everywhere…even if you didn’t ask. Oh, and he doesn’t have a nickname; as he puts it, “nicknames are childish”. What a bundle of fun.