I honestly believe that the world is 1) overpopulated with human beings and 2) incapable of handling the population’s growth rate. I could throw out a bunch of statistics and graphs out there to back up my point/theory, but who seriously disagrees with me? Anytime you have something constantly growing on an unchanging surface, you will eventually see overflow. The Earth’s not getting any bigger, folks…but we are.

At some point, we’re just gonna be too many to accommodate. So, knowing this problem, would it be wrong to suggest that people need to stop having so many children? While pharmaceutical solutions of the last 10 years have been known to actually kill people off, the benefits of these drugs, along with an increasing knowledge of human healthcare over the decades, has increased the average lifespan of people, even if just a bit. This causes a progress bottleneck like no other. It’s like the people that get trampled to death at America’s Next Top Model casting calls; there are just TOO many people to push back against, all of them cats aren’t gonna win anyway.

It’s madness!…