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The Awareness

The Awareness from Henry on Vimeo. The Awareness (17:37) Short movie about a suicidal Skynet AI created by a man torn between obligations. A janitor must transcend his meager position to be the hero. Interesting indie film.

Common – War

Briefly On Black Celebrity And Internet Anonymity

It seems a majority of the comments on the internet tonight about the BCS Championship (specifically Jameis Winston) are about rape and racism. These are the people you work with, walk and drive next to, and have to live in… Continue Reading →

Goku vs. Superman Goku vs. Superman – Flipbook Animation



Phonebloks I just supported Phonebloks on @ThunderclapIt // @davehakkens

Hooked On The Brothers (LukeDenby Art)

theawkwardgamer: Hooked on the Brothers by LukeDenby

No Biggie. But, Biggie, Tho

Haha, love this. I think of an image like this every time I utter the phrase. Credit where due:

Marvel Movies Without VFX Are Pajama Jammy Jams

Es verdad, yo. (via humortrain)

Amerie – Gotta Work

Amerie is that jawn!

J-Live – The Fun Razor

[bandcamp width=350 height=442 track=3753190402 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false]

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