Well, well…whaddaya know? Look at me: actually making use out of this Planned Non-Operational vehicle that is Earth Tones. It’s always a while between these, but meanwhile I’ve been furiously soapboxing my sub-100 circle of Facebook friends with colorful status after colorful status for months on end. I’d link to my whole timeline, but it’s not for public consumption considering that we have other countries looking for exploits into our social media profiles.

It’s not like I’m too old to use Twitter or Instagram, but I’ve always had a loyalty to Facebook considering it came into prominence while I was the target demographic (college, 2005). The other two platforms, and Snapchat to a lesser degree (note the non-existent link) are probably way better at getting off quick thoughts or ideas to a larger, more scattered audience, but I look at it as workshopping my social media persona to a small room before going to the big stage.

Problem is, Twitter has a User Experience that I’ve never been a fan of, and IG got a bad rep in my book from all of the fit tea models and foodie pics. I thought there was a time when the color statuses of FB would be rolled into IG somehow, which by the way would be AMAZING, but that never happened. Strangely, Facebook never figured out a way to properly share a status from FB to IG, which seems back–…

Look I’m getting WAY too nerdy into UX Design and Product Development talk, but the point is, it’s time to find a new groove. Which is actually an old groove, since I used to write in this blog heavy circa ’07. I used to get spam in my comments from west of the Pacific (not naming no names) all the time, and that kinda turned me off of posting — well, that and the fact that my blog wasn’t getting traction with any discernible community.

What gives me solace is that I didn’t let anybody down by giving up…but myself…and not really, because since then I’ve put out TWO mobile games that took a good three years of my life and also did not have any marketing behind them. #patterns. But as the title to this particular post suggests, my main fear is the following:

I believe that if I begin any endeavor with any amount of consistency and prolificity, the nature of the consumerist society will begin to shackle me to that primary effort, slowly siphoning my freedom to change my mind while painting a target on my back for all of the trolls to come out of the woodworks and annoy the youth out of me.

I also am waffling between believing that nobody cares what I think and that I don’t care what anybody thinks.

Building a following is scary. There are eventually expectations that come with that. This is supposed to be therapy for me, not no f*cking show. But still, there’s a burning desire to get these bars into the universe one way or another. Speaking of which, I’m rapping again. That’s part of my new groove (writing phase tho, no tracks yet). Basically, it’s just going to be a bunch of words being spouted off in various formats. I’m staying away from Game Development for the time being. You will only read me, hear me, and/or cast me until I say otherwise.

BRB, promise.