nockFORCE: The Reader

I loved¬†NockForce back in the day. It was so raw, but so good. Props to Ian & Jim – they’ve both made a lot of career progress since these videos. (Source: youtube)

Goku vs. Superman

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSj0lajQBrM Goku vs. Superman – Flipbook Animation

Feelin’ Right Now: Gamification

I decided to check out an episode of Extra Credits, this web series [presumably]¬†about video games and their real-world applications. At least, that’s what this episode is about. Finally, some validation for my vice. Check it out: I wholeheartedly agree… Continue Reading →

Ever Watch This Movie? Here’s Your Ark

***Spoiler Alert***…but if you haven’t watched this movie in the 10 years since its release, then screw you and your “ew, don’t spoil me, bro” nonsense.

Young REEZY!

I just haaaaad to post this. THIS, my friends, is THE FUNNIEST Boondocks episode thus far, BY FAR. This entire episode was pure genius, and an instant television classic. If you don’t find this here entertaining, then you might need… Continue Reading →

Are You Kidding Me, Movie Buffs?

What the heck is wrong with people these days? Everyone’s a critic, but 99% percent of critics are frauds anyway. It’s as if the only way to be a critic is to make sure to give nearly EVERYTHING a thumbs-down…. Continue Reading →

Honda Commercial w/ the Funky Squirrel

I like this commercial. I know it’s been out since the Super Bowl but I just haven’t thought to post this until now. I can see myself doing this kind of animation in the future. *Thanks, School!* I don’t give… Continue Reading →

UPS Commercial “Gladiator”

Man. These UPS commercials are TIGHT. I only saw one of these commercials today for the first time. That’s all I have to say.


Wanted to pass along this interesting animated web series of a band of street kids rapping, hustling, and hooping in a fictitious ‘Empire City’. The main character, Blak, is voiced by Talib Kweli. The series is currently hosted by Gatorade’s… Continue Reading →

SouthPark is Crazy

It’s funny how close that beat was to passing as an 808’s reject. Lol! Thanks to O Hell Nawl!.

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