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Where Were YOU The Day Hip-Hop Tried?

Is it too early to mourn? Is it too late to ride? Everybody seems to be asking the question, “Where is Hip-Hop when we need it the most, to speak for us in our time of need?” Well…this is almost a… Continue Reading →

Google Blah Blah Privacy Blah

So everybody is up in arms about the Google privacy policy thing and how it’s robbing people of their supposed privacy. Look, shut up. Unless you’re going to change your search/watch/browse/social networking behavior after today, then you’re not really doing… Continue Reading →

Hey, NCAA Tournament: #stopf***inupmybracketsyo

Purdue lost. That was my team. But you know what? The whole Southwest division was flipped. Actually, I don’t have ONE division that is still clean. Wow…I guess there are a lot of Cinderellas still dancing. Congrats.

Micro-Managing the Macro

Recently, I started a new job at a software company (yay for employment!) and began to learn about the oft-emphasized, sometimes elusive, always corporate-y product roadmap. This code of business strategy is the crux of any company offering goods or services…. Continue Reading →

Symbolically stupid…and that doesn’t mean the stupid is a metaphor

Just watched the much anticipated “Runaway,”  Kanye West’s short-film project (viewed here, uninterrupted and in its entirety). If you want an interview or synopsis, you can hit MTV or a blog or something. I’m on the interview afterward. Provoked by… Continue Reading →

WKW: Mosqueraiding as a Patriot?

I try to keep my nose out of the daily news as much as a guy that probably spends 60% of his waking hours on the internet possibly can, but thanks to my stalking of Von Pea’s facebook page, I… Continue Reading →

Summer School Midterms

I’m studying this week. Don’t really have time to blog and all that. Sorry folks. Here’s a rundown of some things I’ve been keeping track of though: Shaq signs with Celtics (??) Slum Village broke up Mood Muzik 4 is… Continue Reading →

Wyclef for Haiti Prez.

Hey, it’s been a minute since I’ve been around, but I just had to poke my head in for this one: Wyclef Jean is reportedly running for president of his native Haiti. AllHipHop’s exclusive source tells them that the official… Continue Reading →

Wanna-Know Wednesdays: The CPT Edition (Part 1)

Okay! Well…as it’s that time of the week [as of yesterday], I’m primed to hit y’all with an official edition/rendition of the soon-to-be-famous Wanna-Know Wednesdays here at Earth Tones. What we’re gonna do is take your input from previous polls,… Continue Reading →

Reflection Eternal: Ballad of the Black Gold

This is RELEVANT! Don’t sleep on this. ‘BP Oil Spill’ relevant. “I really hope you’re not one of the people sleeping. I really hope you’re not one of the people sleeping.” ~Von Pea Thanks to NahRight for putting me up… Continue Reading →

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