Why Is Underground Rap Still Underground?

The following is a very unfortunate snippet of a blog post that, back when I was shifting my posts to Tumblr for some ungodly reason, didn’t make it across the middle passage. Too soon? But anyway, my apologies; I’m not… Continue Reading →

Battleship (The Game): The Movie


Of Course I Downloaded the Movie; the Studio Made Me

I like to consider myself some one who plays by the rules, respects the rules of personal and corporate property… but when I get lied to repeatedly, I feel it is within my right to do something about it. No,… Continue Reading →

Where’s my Entourage?

Granted, I don’t play in the NBA (outside of NBA 2K11), nor am I a celebrated rap star (yet), but there’s a distinctive deficiency in my life of a true-blue ‘circle’. Now, I’m not the social butterfly I used to… Continue Reading →

Love Actually? Nah, Son.

If Hollywood was to ever be seen as ‘art imitating life,’ then I have to say that they may be on to something with how people fall in love. Now, don’t get too far ahead of me here, bear with… Continue Reading →

Are You Kidding Me, Movie Buffs?

What the heck is wrong with people these days? Everyone’s a critic, but 99% percent of critics are frauds anyway. It’s as if the only way to be a critic is to make sure to give nearly EVERYTHING a thumbs-down…. Continue Reading →

Wiru Smisu: On His Grizzly

Looks like the Fresh Prince has his hands full lately. Now, I don’t know the timetable on these movies, and it looks like the ‘In Development’ category has a relatively new format for IMDb.com, but still…this negro has TWENTY-FIVE movie… Continue Reading →

The A-Team Movie Trailer

Looks kinda cool, but they could’ve used a different narrator. He made it sound too dark. Also, I’m not convinced with the new B.A. yet. The A-Team Movie Trailer – Trailer via IGN.

Black Man Saves Planet in 2012 *spoiler alert*

It’s funny how into these end of the world movies I am. It all probably started with Deep Impact, then Armageddon, then kinda mutated with the Matrix (in a metaphysical kinda way that I only understood after the fact), and… Continue Reading →

Capoeira ‘Crouching Tiger…’

Besouro This is actually a pretty dope concept, and seems to have the kind of viral appeal a Jet Li movie could incite. I’m actually gonna look into this movie and see what it brings to the table! You should… Continue Reading →

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