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Public Exposure Is Costly

Well, well…whaddaya know? Look at me: actually making use out of this Planned Non-Operational vehicle that is Earth Tones. It’s always a while between these, but meanwhile I’ve been furiously soapboxing my sub-100 circle of Facebook friends with colorful status… Continue Reading →

Mic Row Blog: To Be ‘Somebody’

Mic Row Blog: To Be ‘Somebody’ I came across a Twitter thread today that reminded me of this vindictive tendency people have to qualify one person’s value by stepping on others’ perceived value. Essentially, they defend one person being criticized… Continue Reading →

Briefly On Black Celebrity And Internet Anonymity

It seems a majority of the comments on the internet tonight about the BCS Championship (specifically Jameis Winston) are about rape and racism. These are the people you work with, walk and drive next to, and have to live in… Continue Reading →

Google Blah Blah Privacy Blah

So everybody is up in arms about the Google privacy policy thing and how it’s robbing people of their supposed privacy. Look, shut up. Unless you’re going to change your search/watch/browse/social networking behavior after today, then you’re not really doing… Continue Reading →

My New Artist Website

Mic Row Blogs: Too Many Of Y’all…

I honestly believe that the world is 1) overpopulated with human beings and 2) incapable of handling the population’s growth rate. I could throw out a bunch of statistics and graphs out there to back up my point/theory, but who… Continue Reading →

Back to Blogging

I have no reason not to be blogging, as much as I stay micro-statusing on FB. I told myself (and probably you all) that I’d be trying to move away from facebook status updates–especially since FB changes it’s style so… Continue Reading →

Feelin’ Right Now: Gamification

I decided to check out an episode of Extra Credits, this web series [presumably] about video games and their real-world applications. At least, that’s what this episode is about. Finally, some validation for my vice. Check it out: I wholeheartedly agree… Continue Reading →

Where’s my Entourage?

Granted, I don’t play in the NBA (outside of NBA 2K11), nor am I a celebrated rap star (yet), but there’s a distinctive deficiency in my life of a true-blue ‘circle’. Now, I’m not the social butterfly I used to… Continue Reading →

Comic-Con Apparently Didn’t Inspire Me Enough…

So, I went down to Comic-Con 2010 in San Diego a few weeks back. It was fun, but I only went for one day. There’s at LEAST  three days worth of stuff to do, so when I got there (my… Continue Reading →

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