Technical Difficulties

Reports of My Demise Were Somewhat Accurate

Hi, welcome! I’m so glad you could make it; feel free to browse around and… Look, chances are this is your first time to the site. There’s been a lot of waffly posting consistency on my part since 2008, and… Continue Reading →

Just When I Thought It Was Safe…

I tried to come up with a little quick post to let you know that I was [thinking of] dusting off ET. Yeah, I know, I’d need a vacuum. Shut up. It was just my luck that there was a… Continue Reading →

Destroy & Rebuild…Again

For those of you that didn’t or won’t notice…I’m changing up the site a bit. Here’s hoping it’ll work and look better as a result.

Mic Row Blogs: Too Many Of Y’all…

I honestly believe that the world is 1) overpopulated with human beings and 2) incapable of handling the population’s growth rate. I could throw out a bunch of statistics and graphs out there to back up my point/theory, but who… Continue Reading →

Is It Safe To Crossover Yet?

This has less to do with Hip-Hop or death than you may think. I just want to know if WordPress 3.0 and Comicpress 3.0 are both out and making friends with each other. I can’t be bothered to go look… Continue Reading →

The Infamous Phantom Traffic Jam

For the record: DAMMIT!!! That is all.

Wanna-Know Wednesdays: The CPT Edition (Part 1)

Okay! Well…as it’s that time of the week [as of yesterday], I’m primed to hit y’all with an official edition/rendition of the soon-to-be-famous Wanna-Know Wednesdays here at Earth Tones. What we’re gonna do is take your input from previous polls,… Continue Reading →

Yosemite Sam Curse Words

My database blew the kucf up today…or maybe a few days ago. Apparently I left the site to go try to live in real life for once, and when I come back to check out the predictably meager site stats,… Continue Reading →

Sunrise, I Set

Good morning people. Welcome to Earth Tones! The site looks a little different than it did prior to my accidental self-sabotage about 3 days ago. There’s not much more going on, however…it’s still pretty much just a site with links…. Continue Reading →

Compatibility Issues

I’m just now recognizing that this website isn’t the friendliest with web browsers other than Google Chrome. I stopped using IE back in early ‘08 maybe, and I never really became a Firefox fan. Not to mention all of the… Continue Reading →

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