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A ‘Little’ Perspective

A ‘Little’ Perspective When thinking about all of the problems of the world, and even just the problems of my own personal life, I like to have perspective. It gives me a sense of peace and harmony that’s hard to… Continue Reading →

On Talking to Brick Walls

The people you thoroughly and accurately criticize are never your audience when you write, vlog, do stand-up, or vent to your closest friends about your frustrations with jack-asses in this world. Years ago, I used to think that some of… Continue Reading →

Google Blah Blah Privacy Blah

So everybody is up in arms about the Google privacy policy thing and how it’s robbing people of their supposed privacy. Look, shut up. Unless you’re going to change your search/watch/browse/social networking behavior after today, then you’re not really doing… Continue Reading →

My New Artist Website

Feelin’ Right Now: Gamification

I decided to check out an episode of Extra Credits, this web series [presumably] about video games and their real-world applications. At least, that’s what this episode is about. Finally, some validation for my vice. Check it out: I wholeheartedly agree… Continue Reading →

Of Course I Downloaded the Movie; the Studio Made Me

I like to consider myself some one who plays by the rules, respects the rules of personal and corporate property… but when I get lied to repeatedly, I feel it is within my right to do something about it. No,… Continue Reading →

Somebody–Give Jimmy Whales Money to Leave Us Alone Already?

I honestly don’t wanna donate to Wikipedia. I pay for Internet access, and as a red-blooded, fast-food-fed American, that’s all I feel I should have to do for the infos. Besides, somebody else will. Chances are, there will be other… Continue Reading →

Incriminating IM’s: Part 1

A convo between myself and SRAustin, hilarity always ensues between us. If you don’t think it’s funny, then you’re wack. raustin_shelby: hey stranger […4.5 hours go by…] ctinsley2000: hi there ctinsley2000: late pass raustin_shelby: hey gyu raustin_shelby: glad youre up*… Continue Reading →

Stop Advertising to Me! I Hate You!

I’m sick of these websites (especially file sharing sites) playing random audio commercials in places that you can’t find. You get redirected from a music blog to a new mixtape verse from  your favorite artist or whatever, and the next… Continue Reading →


I think I mentioned this on my facebook a little bit back, but Cracked.com is one of my favorite humor sites out there. They have some side-splitting ‘top #’ lists. Yep. Them, and CollegeHumor offer great original humor for the 20-something in… Continue Reading →

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