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Where Were YOU The Day Hip-Hop Tried?

Is it too early to mourn? Is it too late to ride? Everybody seems to be asking the question, “Where is Hip-Hop when we need it the most, to speak for us in our time of need?” Well…this is almost a… Continue Reading →

Mic Row Blog: To Be ‘Somebody’

Mic Row Blog: To Be ‘Somebody’ I came across a Twitter thread today that reminded me of this vindictive tendency people have to qualify one person’s value by stepping on others’ perceived value. Essentially, they defend one person being criticized… Continue Reading →

Why is It OK for Rappers to Abate Our Dignity?

Ok. I had to find a thesaurus for that title, but don’t let my pretentiousness repel you from this discussion. One of the things that has always bothered me about a LOT of rappers (even the ones I like) is… Continue Reading →

On Talking to Brick Walls

The people you thoroughly and accurately criticize are never your audience when you write, vlog, do stand-up, or vent to your closest friends about your frustrations with jack-asses in this world. Years ago, I used to think that some of… Continue Reading →

Google Blah Blah Privacy Blah

So everybody is up in arms about the Google privacy policy thing and how it’s robbing people of their supposed privacy. Look, shut up. Unless you’re going to change your search/watch/browse/social networking behavior after today, then you’re not really doing… Continue Reading →

Alternatives for ‘Nigga’

Old habits die hard. Worse yet, bad habits die noisily. People in the general vicinity of my skin tone have created a lot of controversy around the N-famous (see what I did there?) word known now by its primary letter…. Continue Reading →

Just…More Homeboy Sandman Lyrics

Here: http://rapgenius.com/lyrics/Homeboy-sandman/72-bars-for-chosenberg Just follow along with the player at the bottom right. BTW this is not new, but after an initial 5 hearings in a row of this last year, I’ve rediscovered it. You’re welcome. ***storms out***

Mic Row Blogs: Men Will Be Men

I just realized something totally random: flamboyantly gay stereotypes make as many dick jokes as your average bro dude. I’m talking wedding-planningly flamboyant vs. man-tanningly bro. Couture-designingly flaming vs. pink-polo-with-collar-poppedly dude-bro. Dick jokes galore in both cases. Anybody else ever… Continue Reading →

Back to Blogging

I have no reason not to be blogging, as much as I stay micro-statusing on FB. I told myself (and probably you all) that I’d be trying to move away from facebook status updates–especially since FB changes it’s style so… Continue Reading →

Sonic the Hodgepodge

A good friend of mine just told me the album pictured above is ‘not good’. I’m not going to spend the next few minutes trying to discredit my buddy, but it seems that she shares one of the three perspectives… Continue Reading →

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