Where Were YOU The Day Hip-Hop Tried?

Is it too early to mourn? Is it too late to ride? Everybody seems to be asking the question, “Where is Hip-Hop when we need it the most, to speak for us in our time of need?” Well…this is almost a… Continue Reading →

Throwback: J Live – Bragging Writes @ The Knitting Factory

So in this video, J-Live–one of my favorite rappers–is displaying his musical dexterity simultaneously on the mic and on the 1’s and 2’s. For those of you that want to keep up, the lyrics are below: For underground metaphorsYou can… Continue Reading →

Ever Watch This Movie? Here’s Your Ark

***Spoiler Alert***…but if you haven’t watched this movie in the 10 years since its release, then screw you and your “ew, don’t spoil me, bro” nonsense.

Video Game Music By Yours Truly

Whatup, y’all? I hope everything’s going well for this week. I see we have a Wednesday upon us. Last week the W-day turned into an L-day for me, but this time I’m gonna purposely let Wanna Know Wednesday slide into… Continue Reading →

Throwbacks: The Roots – Duck Down!

This beat is so fresh. One of my favorite Roots jams.

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