Okay! Well…as it’s that time of the week [as of yesterday], I’m primed to hit y’all with an official edition/rendition of the soon-to-be-famous Wanna-Know Wednesdays here at Earth Tones.

What we’re gonna do is take your input from previous polls, and compose a nice little blog that reflects what the popular consensus says. I don’t generally pander to the popular consensus, but here is about the only place I choose to make an exception. Because it’s MY SITE.

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve asked you all to tell me what you thought of the BP Oil Spill [capital O, capital S], and whether it was comparable to a more ‘natural’ disaster, Hurricane Katrina. A lot of people started off saying that this was Obama’s major disaster to have to handle (like Bush had to deal with Katrina…although there wasn’t much ‘dealing’ going on). Not like the economy wasn’t disastrous–but I digress.

So, it panned out pretty evenly, with 7 No’s and 6 Yes’:

I found it interesting; it makes perfect sense since people haven’t died or been totally displaced on the scale that Katrina managed to achieve. But this one is more of a slow burn. I don’t know that people care that they’re losing–what–5000 barrels of oil a day as much as how badly the local ecosystem and environment overall is being/will be effected.

I saw this video explaining what’s going on down there, and how they’re trying to fix it:

But a funny question comes up about this quandary as I watch from about :14 seconds in: How did this all happen? I mean, we know the oil is leaking and they need to stop it, but how did the rig explode in the first place??? Was it an inside job that they didn’t think would get so out of control? Was it terrorism? Was it self-sabotage from oil companies looking to ‘bank’ big on this (you know, since the banks got bailed out and all…). Also, the term ‘bank’ as a verb kinda has a new meaning now, huh?

The people of the Gulf Coast just haven’t been getting a break lately. That really sucks. Over here, we’ve been having little baby burp earthquakes in Cali, and it makes me wonder what’s going on with that, too. I don’t know if there are suspicions–oh wait…yeah there are.

It seems that N.O. never really fully recovered from the hurricane, but I wonder if it’s possible to recover from this kind of an oil spill (probably the worst on record, eh?). I’m actually quite surprised that nobody has thrown a match out there yet. I guess it’d be too diluted to catch fire, but still…THAT would be crazy as hell, and would cause outright pandemonium 2010 © Jovan Musketelle.

My wish is that this crisis would push our oil obsolescence campaign that much further forward in a scientific/technological way. I mean, we could figure out how to clean up the ocean–perhaps refining our ocean water filtration tech, while at the same time discovering a new way to process and/or use crude oil to actually ‘heal the world’ instead of harming it. I mean, because nobody can say this is healthy for anybody right now.

Anybody got any predictions on when this will ALL BE OVER? The oil thing, I mean. Not the world.

Until next time, this has been ya boy ActuallyBrown, reporting live from somewhere.

END, baby, END.