Is it too early to mourn? Is it too late to ride?

Everybody seems to be asking the question, “Where is Hip-Hop when we need it the most, to speak for us in our time of need?” Well…this is almost a case of reverse-The-Boy-Who-Cried-Wolf. It’d seem that we should’ve been listening all along if we wanted to know where the voices were to represent our thoughts, aspirations, and circumstances. But instead, we look for it to be our voice when it’s convenient.

Remember these videos???

Hip-Hop For Respect – One Four Love (Lyrics)

Hip-Hop For Respect – Protective Custody (Lyrics)

Hip-Hop For Respect – A Tree Never Grown (Lyrics):

Now, I’m not saying that these artists that participated in these EXTREMELY IMPORTANT songs in the Hip-Hop annals are exempt from participating in any new songs…but how many of the voices in these tracks do you recognize? How many would you have been willing to listen to when not in the midst of this current struggle to prove our humanity to our fellow Americans?

Yes, we need more of these songs…but please don’t get it twisted. These songs are out there, and the artists that participated the first umpteen times have been making thought-provoking, introspective, inspirational music their entire careers.

Or…OR…you can stick with the Young Thugs of the world that just be like, “nah leave that to the laws and the critics and all that shit. THIS MY LIIIIIIFESTYYYYYLE.”